IAAPA VR Shopping Guide from Bob Cooney


If you’ve been tracking VR and part of why you’re going to Orlando for the IAAPA Expo is to kick the virtual tires, then you want to see what RePlay contributor Bob Cooney has written to help guide your travels through the busy exhibition. Bob has traveled close to 2 million miles over the last four years looking at VR. Beyond that, he’s researched additional companies exhibiting at this year’s Expo to give readers a look at what’s going to be on display … everything from single-player experiences to arenas to free roam and beyond. (Route operators, you should take a look, too. Two – so far – are street-location friendly.)

He’s candid in his opinions, but emphasizes that what’s in the guide are his informed opinions only. He also wants to make sure each company gets a fair shake and a chance to stand on their own merits so while he might list the best of the best to see in Orlando, he encourages readers to see and experience as much as possible on their own. After all, this market is evolving rapidly and even Bob might find a surprise or two once the ribbon is cut!

Click here to read Bob’s IAAPA 2019 VR Guide and if you’re not already going to IAAPA, it’s still not too late to make plans.


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