Coastal Has New Crane, Amusement Games


Coastal Amusements will have plenty of new machines at IAAPA, including Boardwalk Big Spin, Showtime Console Crane and Plinko, which was in a previous Instant RePlay.

With Boardwalk Big Spin, players step up and crank a wheel to spin the big arrow, which spins around a lit 6-foot dial. When the arrow stops, players are awarded tickets for the value shown on the dot matrix display. Spin it just right to stop on the bonus to win lot of tickets. Just like the bright lights of an amusement boardwalk, this game features a “fantastic light display with thousands of RGB LEDs.”

Additionally, they’ll have their new 4-player console crane with attractive lighting of its own. Standing 39” high, its 360-degree cabinet has four player stations that operate independently. In fact, operators can actually program each station with a separate price per play.

Coastal will be at Booth #1315, and they can also be reached at


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