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It’s “More Than Just Fun & Games” at Coast to Coast Entertainment

Paula Rinker - plush ninja

Paula Rinker at a show promoting the earning power and curb appeal of Coast to Coast’s Custom Crane & Merchan­dise Program with her “Plush Ninja” branded crane and plush.

Most readers are aware that Coast to Coast Entertainment has been providing engaging and entertaining arcade games and cranes to the amusement community for more than three decades – with popular groundbreaking titles such as Fun Zone, Prize Cube and Duck Catcher, games they boast are synonymous with both quality and impressive cashbox collections.

But Coast to Coast Entertainment is also more fun than just games. They’re a leading wholesaler of plush, toys, bulk vending, tickets and other redemption merchandise, they say have all been carefully selected to “both delight customers and yield favorable margins.” They’ve also recently expanded the product line to keep current with industry trends with their goal of exceeding operators’ expectations for their everyday necessities.

“Today, being a premier crane manufacturer and having the most attractive and reliable cranes available is not enough,” said the company’s executive VP of Sales Tony Maniscalco. “You can operate the best equipment but filling it with the wrong product will not produce the desired results.”

Coast to Coast says the cornerstone of their redemption line are their plush and toy mixes, which are customer-described as “the best performing at the best price.”

licensed merch

Carefully selected merchandise is a key to Coast to Coast’s success. Above is a their 7-9” 100% Licensed Mix which prices out at $2.85 avg.; they also have a 7-9” Generic Mix at a price point of $1.29 avg. (both with free shipping). Paula Rinker says the Anirollz blanket plush, seen below, is turning out to be this season’s favorite.



Coast to Coast’s best sellers are their Generic Regular and Jumbo Plush kits, which now feature custom-label generic plush mixed with pieces from other industry favorite vendors that are selected by the company’s redemption merchandise and programs director, “Plush Ninja” Paula Rinker, and hand-packed by her “Ninja Squad.”

Other customer favorites are their 100% Licensed and Generic/Licensed Mixes, which provide operators with appealing licensed products at a cost average of their choosing.

“The company has built its reputation on the best-earning crane machines, and we are committed to the provision of plush and toy mixes that look great and perform well to support those games in the field,” Rinker said. “And, as always, our plush kits ship free within the continental U.S. without order minimums to make purchasing very convenient for our customers.”

Rinker says Coast to Coast makes theming your crane as easy as opening a box with a Barbie kit, Nintendo plush and other favorites, and offers an extensive line of seasonal plush and exclusive 2” rubber toys. They also offer a monthly “Mix of the Month” to encourage operators to try out new or limited-run mixes in their cranes.

Coast to Coast is actively designing and looking forward to launching new generic and premium plush toy lines through their Coast to Coast and Ninja Toy Works labels by this summer.


There is reason that Rinker has the word “programs” in her job title. The company has invested in a significant inventory of products that are ready to ship. “We offer a ‘concierge approach’ in tailoring buying programs to meet the individual needs of our customers at a price point that does not make their wallet cry,” she explained. “We also match customers with the best kits for their equipment to take the guesswork out of operating profitable merchandisers.”

To further this aim, Coast to Coast will be rolling out a program this year providing a “Plush Ninja”-recommended starter product kit with each new crane or merchandiser sold, and a special discount on refills to thank customers for their loyalty.

Coast to Coast also boasts a strong custom program that encourages customers not to miss the opportunity to have their redemption equipment work for them. The program features customized cranes, plush, merchandise and other redemption items that effectively market locations, which can generate repeat traffic.

“We also accommodate customers with ease of ordering and design, low product minimums with modest pricing to bring your logo or mascot to life as a quality plush toy,” Rinker said. “All we need is your drawing or logo, and our design team does the rest! Combining our custom plush with our custom crane machine program is a clever way to inject your brand into your operation in a polished and professional manner that boosts your curb appeal, client recognition and profitability.”

Coast to Coast also believes in giving back to the communities in which they serve through their charitable programs. Their Plush Ninja and BC Bear lines support Camp Sunrise, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, KEEN and other children’s charities. BC Bear pays homage to the memory of one of the Elaut Group’s long-time colleagues, Brian Capellaro, who had a quick wit and loved to make people laugh. BC’s mission is to spread smiles and joy to children and adults battling cancer through organizations that provide essential non-medical services, allowing patients and their families to focus on healing.

The company also offers two exclusive crane programs and mixes – Military Mascots, which support the U.S. Dept. of Defense’s Warrior Care Pro­gram, and Play for Pets, a pet-themed crane filled with pet toys. Those kit sale proceeds support RU4 ME, a South Florida-based, no-kill rescue.

The Play for Pets Program idea occurred to Rinker while visiting an FEC. “I heard a news feature that reported that pet owners spend more on their pets than themselves, and Americans spent a whopping $136.8 billion on their pets in 2022,” she said. “As an indulgent pet parent myself – all rescues – I did not dispute it.”

“Later that day, when I saw a victorious pet parent triumphantly toss a piece of hard-won plush from a claw machine to their dog, who made short work of converting it from a toy to a pile of shredded fluff, it occurred to me that we had an opportunity to create a unique offering of pet toys, so operators can cater to all family members while supporting an excellent cause.”

If an operator wants to take part in any of these programs, they can buy a program-related kit or crane with the knowledge that opting to include these products into their operation will positively impact their cranes as well as many lives.

Coast to Coast says they’re “stocked and ready to serve your redemption needs, and we have a friendly customer service team to help streamline your ordering.”

The company says they takes pride in getting orders out quickly – usually within the same business day when the order is received before 2 p.m. Eastern time. Located in South Florida, they can be reached at 800-224-1717 or online at



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