The very first RePlay: October 1975.

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Many issues of RePlay Magazine are still available at a cost of $6 each for issues dated 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011 (except for the January 2016 Annual Directory which sells for $25); $20 each for older copies dated 1975-2010.

See the table to check availability and click below to order via PayPal (be sure to select the proper payment amount depending on the age of your back issue and include a note specifying which issue or issues you are ordering). For larger quantities, please call the office at 818/776-2880 or email [email protected]

Available back-issues (for an index of issues dated 1996-2015, click DETAIL):

2019-2001: all issues available

2000: all except January and June

1999: all except February, April and September

1998: all except March and April

1997: all except January, March, April, June and July

1996: only April, July, Aug., Sept., Oct., Dec.

1995: all except August

1994: all except January, April, July

1993: only January, May, June, October, December

1992: only March, September

1991: only January, April, November

1990: only January, February, September

1989: only June, November, December

1988: only September through December

1987: all issues are available

1986: all except January, February, April, July

1985: every month except for January and March

1984-1978: none

1977: July only

1976: July only

1975: none



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