Photobomb Debuts on ValoArena Platform


Lights, camera – Photobomb! A new paparazzi-themed game from Valo Motion for their ValoArena attraction is available as of April 22.

“Social, active fun is one of the core principles of ValoArena and Photobomb is our sixth game for this platform that encourages movement in a new way,” said CEO Raine Kajastila. “Photobomb turns the ValoArena into a crazy photo booth and is most fun when played together with friends.”

The mixed reality game is available for up to six players, where they take on the role of celebs arriving at a red-carpet event. In each round, a picture frame appears, and players must rush to get into the frame before their snapshot is taken by the surrounding paparazzi. After 12 rounds, the player with the highest score becomes the “star of the show.”

“We wanted to add photo booth functionality into ValoArena, but at its heart, the product is a gaming platform,” explained lead game developer Lauri Lehtonen. “That’s why we decided to make a game that is about taking photos. The silly pictures taken by Photobomb are just the icing on the cake on top of the engaging, casually competitive game mechanics of trying to be the most visible person in the frame. The game is a perfect fit for friend groups and families to laugh together for a while and make some shared memories.”

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