Stern Pinball Debuts 007 Final Wizard Mode


James Bond 007 code v1.00.0 for the Pro, Premium and Limited-Edition models of the game are now available. The code contains the final wizard mode, called Her Majesty’s Secret Service. The code also adds other game enhancements like the final two SPECTRE Weapon Perks (“Bath-O-Sub Bash” and “Death by Derby”).

Stern Pinball explained: “This flips-based wizard mode is qualified by lighting all of the center Film Title inserts (i.e. played all the Villain, Henchmen, Q-Branch, and SPECTRE Weapon modes). In this mode, the player has a limited number of flips. The mode has six stages, one for each film, followed by MI6 Multiball. The order in which you play the stages is determined by the order in which you lit “solid” the center film title inserts. For every mode you completed along the way, you are awarded 10 bonus flips at mode start. All the points scored in each Film Stage become the value for that Film Jackpot in MI6 Multiball.

“Any unused flips remaining at the end of each stage gets carried over to the next stage. Each Film Stage also adds 35 more flips to the flip count. Starting MI6 Multiball adds 70 flips. A ball will be added into play after the first Film mode is played, if that ball drains it doesn’t come back for the rest of that stage and it doesn’t subtract any flips. When you have two balls in play, all scores are doubled, and it returns to normal scoring when you drain back to one ball play. When you are in single ball play, draining subtracts five flips. If you run out of flips in a stage, you move onto the next Film Stage.”

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