VR Arena Earns $30K in 30 Days


The world’s first VR Arena from developer Virtuix was installed March 7 at Pinballz in Austin, Texas, and the company reports a whopping $30,000 in revenue during its first month in operation.


VR Arena has exceeded our expectations,” said Darren Spohn, owner of Pinballz, in a press release. “Guests are loving the experience, and we see strong repeat play. Thanks to the eSports prize competitions, we’re able to attract a new audience of games and entice guests to play again and again.

Virtuix, with its partner Funovation, says that the new VR attraction garnered 2,200 plays with a repeat play rate of 15 percent (1,800 guests). Players ranged in age from 5-65, with an average age of 26.

More information about the companies are available at www.virtuix.com, www.funovation.com and www.pinballzarcade.com.


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