Funovation Lists Pillars for VR Success


So, Virtuix’s VR Arena made $30,000 in its first month installed at Pinballz, but how? It’s not because of high throughput, Funovation says, instead it’s all because of utilization, efficiency and pricing.

A recent press release by the company, which works with Virtuix on their installs, lists those three as the pillars for operational success. VR Arena can be operated by one attendant at a throughput of 20 players per hour, they say.

“Would a throughput of 30 or even 40 players per hour have increased revenues?” Funovation asks. “The surprising answer is no.”

It’s more so about keeping it occupied, avoiding “revenue-wasting breaks in player activity.” With VR Arena, guests sign up, pay and receive a text message when their turn comes – no waiting in lines, which the company says also means the attraction doesn’t discourage players who see a long visible line. Instead, they can enjoy other attractions in the FEC.

Funovation says the efficiency of needing only one attendant and having a solid $15 per play per person cost means more money for the operator at the end of the day – and just as importantly, happy customers.

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