UNIS Debuts Ultra Moto VR; Shipping by Early November


The new virtual reality simulator from UNIS – Ultra Moto VR – is making its debut in Paris this week at the IAAPA Expo Europe trade show. The company says it’s “pushing immersive racing experience to its limits” with the game.

Developed in collaboration with IGS, Ultra Moto VR integrates VR technology, bass vibration, wind effect and motion. It’s sold as a twin set for head-to-head racing, and is linkable up to four units (8 total bikes).

Realistic graphics are displayed on a 43” LCD screen for viewers in the real world, and numerous high-octane racetracks are included in the game. Players can choose from 12 sets of bike customizations, and they can also drift, overtake other riders and perform signature stunts.

Adjustable VR headsets are included, but in order to give operators some flexibility, the game can easily switch between VR mode and non-VR mode.

“UNIS has had more than a decade of experience producing this type of motion platform,” said UNIS general manager Steven Tan. “This technology is not new to us, but the integration of motion with VR is unique and will deliver a VR experience to players that is more real than ever.”

The game is set to begin shipping by early November. Visit www.unistechnology.com for more information if you’re not in Paris right now to see it!


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