Landmark Dallas Theater Returns as Bowling Alley-Bar


Lakewood Theater, a historic theater in Dallas that’s been sitting vacant for years, is scheduled to reopen sometime this summer as Bowlski’s, an 11,000-sq.-ft. bowling alley, bar and restaurant.

The theater was built in 1938, and needed a top-down makeover after years of gathering dust, according to D Magazine. Craig and Jennifer Spivey are the entrepreneurs bringing it back to life. They raised their family in a house overlooking the theater’s well-known tower just blocks away, and are taking their time with the space. Since it was declared a landmark a couple years ago, there are some original parts that must stay.

“I looked at this originally to do it in May of 2015,” Craig said. “At the time, parking was an issue, Uber didn’t exist, and it was pretty close to Bowlounge.”

Instead, last year they opened a Bowlski’s in Colorado but jumped when the opportunity arose in their hometown – especially when it came to the fate of the Lakewood Theater.

“It was killing us, because they were talking about tearing it down, putting parking, putting a CVS in here … I mean, are you kidding?”

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