Face Place Queues the Fireworks


A new update from Face Place Photo Booths has given operators new art and graphics in the form of updated borders for the 4th of July holiday that the company says will help “more than double their cashbox.” The company’s creative department has been working to give all Apple Industries customers new options for the upcoming holiday weekend, and this promotional campaign is automatic and free for all Face Place operators.

877ac9a6-3bb6-4ac7-9b75-53868298c199According to CEO Allen Weisberg, holiday earnings spikes are nothing new: During past holiday weekends, promotional campaigns have brought in earnings as much as 110 percent higher than a typical weekend. And, he added, thanks to the Smile 2.0 operating system, operators don’t even have to lift a finger or spend a sent to make this happen. 

“We have discovered when customers see our fun holiday borders and in-picture art, they come back and take more photos,” said Apple execs.  

For more information, visit www.faceplacephoto.com.


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