Demand Growing for Non-Alcoholic Beer


The nation’s bars might get busier if NPR’s recent news report citing an uptick in consumer interest in boozeless beer is true. For example, they say when the Athletic Brewing Co. offered its nonalcoholic Double Hop for online sale last week, it sold out in 32 seconds. They also say a bunch of other craft brewers are focusing on making the product, including Bravus Brewing Co., with their customer liaison Michael Hayes claiming: “We can’t make the stuff fast enough.”

One survey, NPR says, found that around 22 percent of millennials say they’re drinking less alcohol for health reasons. But people also like the social climate that comes with joining friends in a bar after work. So, maybe down the line, the “sober” among us will show up at Joe’s for a safe toddle and a chance to get back to playing those machines that are also lots of fun.


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