Embed, Shaffer Route Ink 3-Year Partnership


Shaffer Entertainment will exclusively use Embed’s cashless systems throughout their North America locations after the companies signed a 3-year deal, which was announced yesterday, Nov. 14, by Embed. (The partnership does not extend to Shaffer Distributing.)

Shaffer Entertainment currently manages more than 50 locations installed with Embed’s integrated business platform, which “enables business owners to achieve greater operational efficiency while reducing costs and increasing their profitability.”

“One of the most contemporary things Embed and Shaffer has brought to clients, like Punch Bowl Social, is the accountability for all of the money,” said Andy Shaffer, president of Shaffer Entertainment. “Using Embed’s card system has allowed us to spread our wings and reach clients that we wouldn’t have been able to before.”

Added Embed CEO Renee Welsh: “We are completely focused on providing tailored solutions to help our customers drive more profits for their business by increasing their revenue, reducing their costs and achieving their business goals. One of the key highlights about our platform is that it is flexible enough to accommodate FECs of any size to have rich information and data.”

Visit www.embedcard.com and www.shafferentertainment.com for more information.


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