Retro Bros. Pinball Brings Leagues to South Dakota


Brothers Ryan and Clay Wilfahrt – owners of Retro Bros. Pinball in Watertown, S.D. – started up a pinball league at their location that’s unlike most these days. It’s not an arcade, but rather where they work on and repair machines. They also loan pinball machines.

Self-taught through the internet, according to Watertown Public Opinion, the brothers had an interest and began buying broken machines and fixing them, and eventually started fixing the machines of private collectors.

Now, they have their own space where they started the pinball league. “There is something about pinball that keeps bringing you back,” Wilfahrt said. “We just wanted the machines out in the public so we could play them. It was kind of selfish of us. We wanted a place to have a beer and play. We thought that if we wanted that, maybe others would too.”

Some of their games are also placed at Guest House, a nearby bar. Learn more about the leagues on Facebook by searching Pinball Leagues in Watertown, SD.


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