Mike Stroll Enters AAMA’s Industry HOF


Mike Stroll was the president, COO and director for Williams Electronics from 1977-85, a remarkable period in amusement industry history. Today, he’s a newly-selected Amusement Industry Hall of Famer.

Prior to joining Williams, he was he was with Seeburg, where he led a development team that designed the very first solid-state, microprocessor-controlled pinball machine. He made the move to Williams, where under his leadership, the company prospered, bringing to market pinball and video games that led the way during a golden era for the industry.

“Once described as the highest salaried employee in Chicago by some newspaper out there, Mike Stroll made his name in business as the commander of Williams electronics Inc. during the fat years in electronic pins and video games,” Eddie Adlum advised. “Think Defender, Black Knight and Fire Power II and you’ve got an idea of what this hit-maker was up to back in the day.”


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