Optimistic Reports From the Laser Tag Convention


The Laser Tag Convention once again ran alongside the Dallas Amusement Expo, which was especially significant since the city is considered the birthplace of laser tag. While laser tag attendance was down ten percent, organizers pointed out that nearly 70 percent of those attendees were prospective business owners.

Operators, developing entrepreneurs, equipment suppliers and industry experts were treated to more than a show room floor at Expo with 17 classes helping continue the education of attendees. Organizers report that new operators, such as Gavin Taylor from Battle Sector X in the U.K. and Tim Kintz from Lazer-X in Indiana, held the attention of attendees and provided valuable perspective.

“There were great takeaways from every class I attended. If I can implement even one of the points from each session, I’ll increase my sales by 15 percent or more,” said Taylor.

The annual laser tag-focused round table discussion was graced by an extra special attendee this year: George Carter III, the inventor of commercial laser tag. Carter congenially answered questions from the crowd about how the industry began and boomed in the ’80s, and he also shared his vision of the future of the industry.

“Laser tag has never been stronger than it is today. It started 34 years ago and we were excited to have George Carter III, the man who invented it, at the Laser Tag Convention as its keynote speaker,” said Erik Guthrie of the Laser Tag Museum. He also reported that the museum, which benefits from funds raised by the annual convention, is “going strong.”

During the closing hours of the show, Guthrie said: “It’s really has been a good show! The whole point of the Laser Tag Convention is for all the boats to rise: operators, manufacturers and developers.”

The Laser Tag Convention will continue to be hosted alongside the Amusement Expo, heading back to Las Vegas next year from Feb. 27 – March 1, 2018.


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