No Politics, Weisberg Just Wants to Make the Street Great


“Making the Street Great Again” is an Apple/Face Place slogan applauded by Benchmark’s Al Kress in a recent posting in our newsletter. Apple chief Allen Weisberg responded: “When we decided to run this campaign, we were afraid that many people in our industry would think it was political. Actually, it’s a spoof on reality. Our street operating business is in much worse shape than our economy,” wrote the photo booth maker who also cut his spurs as a youngster operating on the streets of New York.

“It is my hope and belief that it will turn around,” Weisberg continued. “In order for this to happen, we need young operators to get involved in our industry. In know many factories and distributors blame the operator (for this situation). I don’t. I blame the manufacturers. We need to make products that earn on the street. If we do this, the operators will come running. Remember what happened with the birth of the 45rpm jukebox, the CD jukebox, digital jukebox, Merit touchscreens, Atari’s Asteroids, Namco’s Pac-Man and bar basketball games back in the ’80s?

“These were all machines that brought people onto the business and sold in spades. I believe our photo booths are great street pieces. We’ll see if the operators see it that way. Stay well.”



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