Jimmy Chaps Back With His Redemption Tips


The Weekly Redemption Tips from Jimmy Chaps is an email filled with one or more tips amusement operators and locations can put to profitable use. “I had a blast doing this for quite a few years, but trailed off a bit last year. Now I’m renewing my commitment to sharing great information that will drive amusement revenue,” said Chapman, who joined BMI Merchandise last month.

Over the years, his tips have covered crane and merchandiser ideas, redemption counter set-ups and prize selections, and fun and entertaining promotions, along with simple ideas to better serve customers and employees.

“I enjoy sharing the many nuances in our industry with others to help them make more money and provide great entertainment to their customers,” added Chapman. “My focus is to provide you with merchandise and merchandising tips to help your business. As many of you are aware, I have a passion for sharing great ideas that help our industry evolve!”

In order to receive Weekly Redemption Tips from Jimmy Chaps, email him at [email protected]. Upon receipt, you’ll receive his email blast (he advises that your email address will not be shared with others). By the way, you can reach Jimmy by phone at 630-258-3058.


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