Old School Is Cool


The ’80s are alive again, and what’s more ’80s than arcades! This past weekend brought a new teaser trailer for the runaway hit TV show Stranger Things, and Cinematronics’ definitive Dragon’s Lair got front billing. The show, which takes place in Hawkins, Ind., in that decade, adds a spooky, modernized feel to the nostalgia-laden world. The latest trailer kicks off the second season with the main characters crowded around Dragon’s Lair, wide-eyed and amazed by the laserdisc technology and hand-drawn art that was revolutionary at the time.


Watch the trailer to see more! The classic game also has an animated movie in the works. Don Bluth and Gary Goldman, animators of the original game, raised over $680,000 during an IndieGoGo campaign in 2016 to bring the classic game to the big screen. The film is set to provide more of a backstory to this original game’s characters Dirk the Daring and his beloved princess Daphne.


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