Firestone X-Press Offers Fast Credit


Firestone Financial has a new program called Firestone X-Press that offers customers credit approval and documentation within hours for transactions under $100,000 in the amusement and vending industry.

In hopes of streamlining customer business dealings, Firestone’s new process gives them quick access to a line of credit with just a phone call. Customers can also decide to establish a guidance line of credit for future transactions as well.

Every weekday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. EST, Firestone’s X-Press team will be answering the phones and available to expedite sub-$100,000 requests. Customers can also apply anytime online, here.

David Cohen, President and CEO of the company, said, “Our customers deserve industry leading service; in the past few months we have created this team, improved our technology, and simplified our process and paperwork to deliver the best offering. Whether someone is looking to finance just a few pieces or a route purchase we want the customer to feel that Firestone has made the process as seamless as possible.”

Firestone started offering the enhanced services in June, and according to Jamie Sura, SVP of sales at TouchTunes, it’s been well received: “Firestone really stepped up for us on the last day of our quarter,” Sura said. “We had a customer’s request approved and shipped within just a few hours.”

Marty McAndrew of Advance Amusements in Florida was reportedly as impressed: “The team’s been amazing to work with and it shows just how much Firestone cares about making their customer experience better and better.”

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