New Mini-Golf Putter from AGS


Worried about a mini-golfer getting a little over zealous (and destructive) with his putter? Adventure Golf Services is introducing its AGS Soft Putter after three years of research and development, the company says.

The mini-golf putter has a newly-designed head made to minimize damage caused by rough play or vandalism. It features a softer rubber head, a fiberglass shaft, four standard sizes (27”/29”/32”/35”) and four different head and grip colors: red, blue, green and purple.

“The AGS Soft Putter is one of many innovations to expand our product line and better serve the industry,” said company president Scott Lundmark. “Other new concepts we have introduced include stainless steel custom hole cups, which last longer and improve carpet installation around the hole cup.”

The Traverse City, Mich.-based business can be reached at


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