Lightning (Hopefully) Only Strikes Once!


AVS Companies’ Cortney Kinzler, her husband Graig and their three children are temporarily residing in a local hotel after a lightning strike sparked a fire in their Bartlett, Ill., home, Oct. 5.

Adding insult to injury, early in the morning of of Oct. 11, the family had to evacuate the hotel they’d moved into when a fire broke out in its laundry room. Thankfully, that was extinguished, didn’t affect their quarters and the Kinzler family are back to regrouping after all they’ve been through.
Cortney said: “We are still very much in limbo waiting to hear how long the rebuild on our home will take so we can decide whether to get a furnished apartment or stay in the hotel. And, we are still sorting through stuff to see what can be saved or what we don’t want anymore. It appears we were not quite insured for as much as we should have been.

“Actually, our safety is the only thing that matters! It could have been much worse and we are blessed that it wasn’t,” she continued. “We just have to continue to keep that in mind.”

On the bright side, she says the kiddos are great to have around and they’re handling it all pretty well. “They are enjoying the pool and restaurants at least, lol.”

Cortney’s nephew (a 7th grader, by the way) has set up a GoFundMe page to help the family and we’re sure any and all assistance would be appreciated.


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