Oculus Wireless VR Headset Coming


According to The Week magazine, a huge breakthrough in consumer virtual reality is coming next year. Called Oculus Quest, it’ll consist of only one wireless headset and two hand-held game controllers and sell for around $400 retail. “It’s lack of wires and its ease of use could make the Quest the device that finally gets the masses to jump into VR, so long as Facebook-owned Oculus can also get top game developers on board,” the magazine declared.

As trade veterans know, what we call the “home video game business” is a multi-billion-dollar industry that spun out of coin-op’s original heydays. Now if a turnabout happens and a simplified VR system (along with a good supply of decent games for it.) shows up with Quest, our industry could be in for a new day…just like when Pong came out of the crate back in 1973.


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