AMI Announces Co-Pilot App


AMI Entertainment has a new app called Co-Pilot that helps operators manage their routes on the go. The mobile app permits operators and location managers to remotely run AMI devices all through their smart phones or tablets, granting access to features which previously were only available on the devices remote control or through AMI’s web-based dashboard.

In an instant, operators will be able to check route connections, turn devices on or off, check the cashbox, view revenue reports, create user accounts and more. Maybe most beneficial, the app can work as a remote for the jukebox, meaning no more replacing over-priced remote controls when a bartender happens to lose it.

Additionally, the app will continue to have its features expanded. AMI plans to implement notification alerts that can be set for jukeboxes, the ability to control background music, add credits, search ad templates and more. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play.


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