Hyperdeck at Two Bit Circus


The virtual reality platform Hyperdeck from MajorMega has made its debut at Two Bit Circus in Los Angeles today, Oct. 11. The Hyperdeck’s first West Coast installation will be located in the venue’s VR wing, called “The Arena.”

“We see Two Bit Circus as the playground of the future and really an ideal collaborator for our first West Coast location,” said Bryce Winter, MajorMega’s director of business development. “Their ethos of being at the intersection of technology and spectacle is very much in-line with what we love about the Hyperdeck as well.”

The company champions their immersive, 4-player Hyperdeck as “the arcade machine of the future.” It features a full-motion floor and multi-sensory effects like heat, wind and other movements.

RePlay featured the company and its 300-sq.-ft. VR system in the October issue. If you have your copy handy, turn to page 51. Also visit www.majormega.com for more information.


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