Golden Tee a Hole-in-One: IT Celebrates HOF Induction


In the game’s 35th year, Golden Tee Golf has entered AAMA’s prestigious Amusement Industry Hall of Fame. Part of the HOF’s second class, Golden Tee was honored alongside Pong. The inaugural class of product inductees included the TouchTunes jukebox, Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Skee-Ball and Space Invaders.

The Incredible Technologies team at the recent Amusement Expo with the history of Golden Tee games, starting with the 1989 original at left.

From Incredible Technologies, Golden Tee revolutionized the industry since its debut in 1989. By 1996, the game was already connected to the internet, and exciting innovation has continued ever since. (The game also joins its co-founders Elaine Hodgson and Richard Ditton in the Hall of Fame.)

“Standing shoulder to shoulder with the greats of our industry is an honor,” said Adam Kramer, president of the amusement division at Incredible Technologies. “Our sincere gratitude goes out to the AAMA and their recognition of a game and history that we’re really proud of. It’s always been a labor of love, and the staying power of Golden Tee is a testament to the unwavering passion that goes into making something great.”

Added Hodgson: “The impact of Golden Tee has undoubtedly surpassed anything we ever considered possible. Our Incredible team and community of passionate operators and players have driven this game through the last 35 years, and we couldn’t be more honored to be a part of it.”

The Golden Tee World Championship, celebrating the 35th anniversary of the game as well as this new Hall of Fame distinction, will be held June 27-30 in Las Vegas, and will deliver its largest prize pool to date.

Editor’s Note: RePlay will continue to spotlight Amusement Industry Hall of Fame inductees from the 2024 class in our upcoming newsletters and in the print magazine’s May issue.


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