Fun Aboard NZ Driftkart Invention


A New Zealand invention may just give go-karts a new market competitor. A recently-published article detailed the new, three-wheeled “driftkarts,” found at BayStation in Tauranga and Velocity Karts in Christchurch.

“Drift triking,” the phrase equivalent of “go-karting,” is simple. The trikes are powered by an electric front wheel. Riders kneel on the bike and use a throttle. However, they take more tact to ride than go-karts because they skid sideways each time you turn.

Writers who experience the driftkarts say that during the first few laps, “You’ll be doing circles all over the place, heading in the wrong direction and banging into everything … once you start to understand the delicate balance between power, steering and skidding – it becomes much easier to get around the track.”

The facilities also have an invention from the same New Zealanders called “blokarts” that operate at the two locations. They are essentially wind-powered three-wheeled karts referred to as “land yachts.”

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