French Bars and Restaurants Will Begin to Reopen Soon


Bars and restaurants in France will soon open in a staggered fashion and on a regional basis, according to Reuters. It will depend on whether or not Covid-19 is brought under control, President Emmanuel Macron said recently, but bars and restaurants are expected to be allowed to reopen outdoors in mid-May.

Those venues in the country have been closed since the end of October 2020, when France started a second month-long nationwide lockdown. They did not reopen in December when non-food shops were allowed to.

The full reopening of indoor venues will depend on the virus – possibly from early to late June in regions with low virus spread. “For restaurants, we know that infection rates are higher in enclosed spaces, and when people eat, sing and talk,” the president said. “That is what we will have to try and limit for a while.”


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