Man Bowls Perfect Game Using Ball with Dad’s Ashes


Earlier this month, school counselor and lifelong bowler John Hinkle Jr. of Peoria, Ill., bowled a perfect game using a ball that contained his father’s ashes.

According to CNN, Hinkle Jr. bowled a 300 more than a dozen times, but took to the lanes with the special mission of honoring his father – John Hinkle Sr. – using the unique ball. “He never had a perfect game until NOW,” the son wrote on Facebook, where he shared a video of the moment.

Hinkle Jr. and his twin brother Joe started leagues when they were just four years old. A year after his death in 2016, the patriarch’s ashes were put into the ball, which Jr. says will be retired after he completes the upcoming Tournament of Champions, the last tourney he played with Dad before he passed away.


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