Flat Top Johnny’s Closing After 27 Years


A pool hall in Cambridge, Mass., will officially close on Aug. 14 after 27 years of business, writing on its social media platforms that “2020 has been a hell of a year and has set everything upside down.”

There will be no more pool, cocktails, pinball, food or fun at Flat Top Johnny’s, the location wrote. “What will not end is all the love, friendship, family, community, service, goodwill and gratitude for everything FTJ has come to symbolize. Without the ability to welcome large groups, big parties and so many regulars, we have become extra vulnerable under the ‘new normal.’”

Patrons at the Boston-area pool hall were able to enjoy a dozen pool tables and a handful of pinball machines while waiting for a burger and beer. According to Boston.com, they remain open until Aug. 14 for takeout and outdoor service.


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