Record Store in Illinois Adds Vintage Arcade Games


The Dumb Arcade inside of the record store Dumb Records opened earlier this month in Springfield, Ill. For an admission fee of $5 or with a $10 purchase in the store, patrons can get into a classic video game and pinball machine arcade hidden away at the back of the venue, behind the store’s live event space.

According to The State Journal-Register, there are 10 machines – a sit-down racing game, four classic video games and five pinball machines. Dumb Records owner Brian Galecki said the concept came from business partner Jeff Black, who formerly operated a live entertainment venue where arcade games were a part of the experience.

“It was something we were planning on doing before the pandemic hit,” Galecki said. “But once it did, it made total sense for us to really just kind of attack that project.” At the moment, only four people are allowed in the space to play. Learn more at


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