Coin-Op Shutterbug Raises Money for Alzheimer’s


One of Pennsylvania’s oldest and most venerable music and amusement routes is the H. Lazar & Son operation headquartered in Pittsburgh. Like any successful operator, company supremo, Dale Lazar is a man of many talents, one of which is photography. It’s more than a hobby. . .and it’s even more than a passion, considering that his photos have helped raise money for charity. Dale snaps pictures benefiting the soul in more ways than one.

During this past August, Dale was selected “Artist of the Month” by the Blick Art Materials store in the Shadyside section of metropolitan Pittsburgh. A total of 39 of his photos were on display, and proceeds of the sale of same went to the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center at the University of Pittsburgh. A division of that charity was established by Dale himself years ago, called the Bernard and Ethel Lazar Research Fund.

Most of Dale’s photos in the Blick exhibition had been entered in competitions resulting in four distinguished awards for our busy shutterbug (who’s actually got around 10,000 photos on display on his Flickr website:

The artsy photo of the Touchtunes jukebox shown here was snapped at that company’s display booth during last spring’s Amusement Expo in Las Vegas using a hand-held camera at a slow shutter speed. The one of the “boys being boys” picture was taken by Dale on the West Bank (Palestine).

“The kids are Israelite Samaritans and the occasion was their Festival of the Unleavened Bread,” Dale advised. “The site was near Mount Gerizim, their Temple Mount, which is near the town of Nablus. I have a personal relationship with these people,” he added. Thanks for sharing these and the other photos with us, Dale.


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