Bay Tek Stuntman Redemption Game


Bay Tek Games has a new redemption game – available now – that puts players in the shoes of a TNT-detonating stuntman. Called Willy Crash, the game comes with its own online app, has players blast their character out of a cannon and into a 3D cityscape, aiming for tops of buildings in hopes of scoring big points and tickets. The game is shipping now. The cabinet sports a light up cannon that syncs with the gameplay, as well as a “dynamite” plunger control.

“Losing actually might be as much fun as winning,” said sales director Rick Rochetti, referencing how the character crashes into cringe-worthy, interactive obstacles upon a miss.

The game has a smaller footprint and bright, eye-catching LEDs, as well as a litany of silly sounds and comedic crashes. The app version of the game is similar to the arcade version, with added features (players earn coins instead of tickets, which are used to gather unique outfits and other customization). Check the app out on Apple or Google Play, and get with your distributor to learn more about the arcade version.


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