Carolinas Hammered Big Time


Do you know how much rain has to fall to gather 3 feet of it? That was the story on the Carolina Coast this morning, with more rain dropping.

Ed Chermak (Legacy Coin) got a foot of it in his garage but says his house is dry. “I’ve been on the phone with TouchTunes to see what kind of help we can offer operators…it’s just too early to know who’s in really bad shape out there, but many of our people in the interior have got to be in deep trouble,” he declared. “I’ll keep you up to speed as I learn more.”

Chermak said there’s up to 4’ of water in some cases out there, and the wind has been howling to make conditions really nasty. (You can see some wind damage in this photo from the city of Myrtle Beach’s Facebook page.) His parts guy Paul Geeson passed along a pretty eye-opening photo of a car being eaten up on a road near his home and readers have likely seen a great deal worse in ongoing news coverage.

We did hear some good news from Alex Thorpe at Thorpe Music, Rocky Mount, N.C., who said his town suffered little or no damage or flooding. “We are very blessed to have been missed by the ravages of the hurricane,” he said. “We may have a few locations southeast of us that suffered some, but power outages and road blockages have made it difficult to assess the situations on the ground there at this time. Please pray for the counties southeast of us,” Alex added.


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