Cinergy Employee First U.S. Player on VAR BOX Leaderboard


Cinergy Entertainment’s Brayden Wilhelm (aka Superbrae) recently became the first U.S. player to crack the global leaderboard in a VAR BOX esports tournament. He ranks third.

“VAR BOX has been a very competitive game amongst my colleagues,” said Wilhelm, department manager at Cinergy Entertainment Amarillo. “It started with us competing with each other but soon became about trying to show the global leaderboard that we can keep up. We encourage each other and promote it to other employees to join us. We plan on starting our in-store tournament soon.”

Second and third place in the USA League of Colleagues tournament also went to Cinergy employees. Matthew Simpson (aka Chewdingo) came in second, which placed him sixth on the global leaderboard. Coming in third was Cayden Willis (aka HedgeHog), which placed him seventh on the leaderboard.

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