UNIS Offers Sneak Look at IAAPA Game


Among the new games UNIS will be showcasing at IAAPA Expo is Dynamic Orbs, an easy-to-play redemption game.

“This game takes traditional arcade gaming up a notch, making your timing and aim the keys to success,” UNIS said of Dynamic Orbs, which features a large wheel and red light that rotates in a circle. To win prizes, players need to tap the button to release a ball into one of three STOP slots to halt the moving light; where the light stops determines a player’s prize.

The wheel is lined with a variety of rewards – with the ability to score more ball drops, win tickets or get a spin on the Bonus Wheel.

Each of the Prize Orbs has an RFID tag that holds different ticket values so players can claim their winnings. To learn more about the game, email [email protected].


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