California Darters Take Aim


The BullShooter Tour continues its rambling U.S. route with a stop in Fremont, Calif., for a regional qualifier. This was the first time in a number of years the BullShooter stopped in California, and the organizers were pleased with the turnout despite their leave of absence. The event was held at California Billiards, and co-sponsored by Mr. Dartza and Magic Darts and Billiards.

The California qualifier was unique in that it was separated into several different skill levels. Men’s Doubles, Singles and Cricket Doubles were played in three skill levels, while Women’s Doubles, Singles and Mixed Triples were played over two skill levels. All players who placed high enough for cash winnings also got a Qualifying Card to the BullShooter Finals.

The next BullShooter Regional was held in South Carolina, starting Nov. 3 and running thru the weekend. Following that, the tour went to New York from Nov. 10-12. This one was be the last regional of the year, with Texas, Indiana, Tennessee, Pennsylvania and Nebraska following in 2018.


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