Apple Photo Strengthens Eastern Alliance


During a visit to Japan, leaders at Apple Industries and Mitsubishi Electric further affirmed their strong, global relationship. The photo booth pros were honored guests at Mitsubishi Electric during a trip to the company’s Japanese headquarters. For decades, Mitsubishi has supplied the digital imaging and printing technologies that power Apple photo booths.

Apple CEO Allen Weisberg and COO Scott Avery, alongside engineer Jesse Weisberg, visited Mitsubishi headquarters from Oct. 9-13. In all, said the Apple executives, their visit to Japan provided an inspiring kickoff for the next page in the story of the Apple-Mitsubishi relationship.

“Our varied knowledge, perspectives, experience, and expertise make us smarter and better when we combine our thinking and work together,” said Weisberg. “We’re confident that the amusements industry will see more great things from us and Mitsubishi in the future!”


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