Sacoa’s New Flexi-Reader, Partnership With VLocker


Sacoa is set to show off its latest new product, the Flexi-Reader, a three-in-one version of the ColorShot HDT RF that allows three payment choices for its mag-stripe cards: swipe, insert or tap. At IAAPA, the firm presented a full, live demo that included online party booking and more.

One feature Sacoa hopes to highlight is the company’s CRM module, which allows players to register their cards online for special promotions and Sacoa’s online sales application, which lets guests to recharge their cards straight from their phones. Sacoa also exhibited the EZ System, an all-in-one solution for unattended and smaller game rooms.

In other Sacoa news, the group has recently partnered with VLocker to offer locker experiences on top of their usual product. The end goal is to allow facilities to require only one card for nearly everything in the location. (VLocker is designed for use in many styles of amusement and water parks, and Sacoa hopes to generate reports on the number of lockers used throughout their partnerships in order to help modify the rental fee and support their partners.)

“This integration brings the total experience for the park owners to run a complete cashless operation,” said Sebastian Mochkovsky, CEO of Sacoa in USA.

“We’re excited to be partnering with Sacoa, as this opens up a whole new range of venue opportunities globally,” said Alan Danson, CEO of VLocker Group.


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