BullShooter’s 2019-20 Regional Tour Continues


Catching everyone up on a couple of BullShooter events: The 35th annual tour has stopped in Florida, Minnesota, Ohio, South Carolina, New York, Texas, Indiana and Tennessee so far (with a tournament today, Feb. 7, in Pennsylvania as well).

BullShooter recently shared the results of the Ohio and South Carolina events, respectively held Oct. 25-27 and Nov. 1-3. In Ohio, the regional tour stop was held at the Clarion Hotel in Cincinnati, and featured players from the host state, plus Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, Oklahoma and New York. Players battled it out for the $12,000 prize pool in 11 main events over the weekend, which qualified the winners for the BullShooter 35 Finals (which will be held in Chicago from May 21-25).

In the Mixed Triples event, Michael Hoye, Julie Weger and Cody Willis were crown champions. Weger actually won three events – the other two were Women’s Doubles 301 with Dawn Hoye and the Women’s Singles Combo, also with Michael and Cody.

The Mixed Triples champions were Michael Hoye, Julie Weger and Cody Willis in Ohio.

In the men’s events, Loren Collins and Bryan Bishop took home first place in Men’s Doubles 501; John Schilke and Benjamin Russell won the championship in Men’s Cricket Doubles; and Danny Vaughan threw the winning dart for the win in Men’s Singles Cricket.

The South Carolina regional event was held at the NorthShore Ocean Front Hotel in Myrtle Beach. Kelly Martin and Darin Strickland took home first place in Men’s Cricket Doubles. Among other winners: Ross Minty and Stephen Phillips took home two championships… Men’s Doubles 501 and Mixed Triples 701 with partner Brenda Whitley; both Pro Men’s Doubles events were won by Stephen Sorochman and Sidney Vaughn; and Pro Men’s Singles first place was won by Daniel Delfino.

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In South Carolina, Kelly Martin and Darin Strickland took home first place in Men’s Cricket Doubles.


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