Bay Tek Debuts New Basketball Game at Bowl Expo


Bay Tek Games is ready to show off its newest piece at this year’s Bowl Expo: Connect 4 Hoops (the game will be released to the general U.S. market in mid-October). By combining Hasbro’s beloved Connect 4 game, the traditional fun of shooting hoops and augmented reality, Bay Tek has made a game they say people are lining up for.

One or two players line up to shoot baskets, and then watch as their made shots fall into place on an LED-projected grid. The first player to line up four balls horizontally, vertically or diagonally on the AR playfield wins.

The game is almost 12′ tall and 12.5′ deep, and comes in a vibrant cabinet. Interested buyers should look for it at Bowl Expo, contact their distributor or contact Bay Tek Games at 920/822-3951 or [email protected].


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