Curious Circus to Open Curious FECs


The extremely popular, though oddball, brand of circus entertainment known as Cirque du Soleil intends to get into the FEC business…but in their own style. According to Bloomberg News, they have teamed up with the real estate firm Ivanhoe Cambridge to lease space in shopping centers and convert some of those stores into places offering bungee jumping, juggling, trampoline bouncing and some other live action sports.

Bloomberg made no mention of coin-operated games, so the Cirque’s use of the “FEC” tag in the story is a tad different than our industry’s definition. Starting with Toronto in Sept. 2019 and then venturing into some other Canadian cities, their places will be called “Creactive” centers.

The new division’s producer Marie-Josee Lamy was quoted, saying: “Our fans regularly express their wish to experience Cirque du Soleil from an insider’s perspective. Families will now be able to jump on stage offering them another way to explore our creativity beyond our live shows.”


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