WWE Redemption Game News Leaks Out


Adam Pratt over at Arcade Heroes got the scoop on another new piece of equipment coming to the industry this year: Andamiro’s WWE Superstar Rumble. According to a press release from the company, Andamiro inked a licensing deal with World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. last year to create the new game. The results of that deal are immediately apparent, with design, artwork and sound all pulled directly from the wrestling world. Also, the game features Byron Saxton, a pro wrestling commentator and ring announcer.

Gameplay looks relatively simple and similar to other coin-drop games, however, WWE Superstar Rumble uses steel balls rather than tokens (check the image to the right for a peek at the playfield, which is augmented with a large monitor above.) Players try to line up their shots to ensure the balls navigate a pachinko-like field of pegs and land in the highest ticket value holes. Players collect points along the way and have the potential of netting a ticket crazy multiball mode. It’s a 2-player game and each station has a video display running game-related animation and real wrestling footage.

The game also comes with a card collecting system, which will have eight different cards featuring the Rock, John Cena, Sasha Banks, Bayley, Finn Baylor, Roman Reigns, Undertaker and AJ Styles.


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