Arcade Bar Hosts Pop-Up Events Before Permanently Planting


Columbia, S.C., is getting its first arcade bar soon, but first, the owners are introducing themselves to the community through a series of free pop-up events.

Arcade Bar

According to The State, Transmission Arcade + Bar doesn’t yet have a location or open date (a lease is currently in the works), but business partners Josh Rainwater, Bradley Randolph and Cam Powell will start by bringing their classic pinball machines and video games to various places in Columbia, starting March 20 at Craft & Draft, a craft beer store.

“Arcade bars are in kind of all the big metro areas, except there’s not a true one in South Carolina,” Rainwater claimed. “There are lots of places throughout the state that have a few machines here and there, but none where the machines are as important as our craft beer and wine selection.”

Once in a permanent location, Transmission will have 10-15 pinball machines and 15-20 games like Frogger and Donkey Kong. They’ll even feature four Skee-Ball lanes. The arcade will span the decades, with 1970s, 80s and 90s games all represented. On the beverage side of things, the business will offer about a dozen beers on tap, 20-30 bottled and canned beers, and 10-15 wine varieties.

To keep track of their upcoming pop-up events and when they’ll be establishing stand-still roots, visit


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