Apple Industries / Face Place Photo Booths – December 2019


It’s a Marvel!

Face Place’s Marvel Adventure Lab Photo Booth Makes You a Superhero

From Captain Marvel to Black Panther, the Marvel Adventure Lab photo booth transforms a simple picture into comic book art so users can become part of a personalized story or cover alongside a myriad of Marvel Comics superheroes.

The “exciting and exclusive” licensed content includes additional characters such as Spider-Man, Captain America, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Avengers, Iron Man, Groot, Venom Maximum and Thor.

“Marvel Adventure Lab is a unique amusement concept developed exclusively by Apple Industries in partnership with Marvel,” CEO Allen Weisberg explained. “Customers choose from a wide range of comic book stories and covers, which are then personalized with their own photo.”

From there, the photos are given a comic-style effect and integrated into the Marvel Universe. In the process, interactive prompts are used, such as “Fight with the Avengers,” “Swing along with Spider-Man” and “Raise your Claws” with Black Panther.

Weisberg says the entire process of taking a photo is memorable and totally immersed within the Marvel world. The final product is a 6×10” photo quality print with a matte finish. In total, there are 78 different frames people can choose from.

What’s great from both an operator and user standpoint is that content is automatically updated with new templates. That means operators don’t have to worry about doing any installations themselves. Users, meanwhile, are enticed to come back time and time again as more comic book stories and covers are released – like when a greatly-anticipated Marvel movie hits theaters.

Face Place sees the photo booth as a great way for prospective buyers to create a new revenue stream and increase profits while also offering customers a “unique and fun experience.”

“Powered by an in-house platform, our intuitive interface creates the most unforgettable user experience ever witnessed within an amusement machine,” the company says. “The Marvel Adventure Lab will drive more visitors to the location, increase customer loyalty and frequency of visits.”

The machine’s operator benefits don’t end with all that either. Face Place says its easy-to-use online back-office management suite is a key component of the product. It offers near real-time data on machine health, usage and sales, and also allows operators to remotely control and monitor the photo booth – alerting you about payment device malfunctions or other hardware or systems events.

More than the cool features for operators and end users, Face Place emphasizes the Marvel Adventure Lab’s quality and innovative technology.

The machine’s red cabinet is incredibly bright and eye-catching, but it goes beyond that. The Apple Industries and Marvel teams jointly focused their attention on not just aesthetics, but functional details as well.

The booth is open from both sides to enhance the user experience and increase curiosity from surrounding spectators. Each side is fitted with custom-shaped LED backlit roto-molded wings, as well as a similar top sign to maximize visibility in busy locations.

Under the hood, the machine delivers its high-quality photo prints from a dye-sublimation printer. Actual size samples of the product are printed onto external decals “so customers can visualize the format size and many template examples available to print from the machine.”

The quality of the user interface is another aspect Face Place boasts about, calling it “one of the most important characteristics of the overall user experience.”

Made by the in-house research and development and marketing teams, in partnership with the Marvel Comics branding team, the photo booth is exclusively licensed to Apple Industries by Marvel (Disney Group) so each experience includes “astounding Marvel graphics being used for prompt screens and interactive video guidance.”

For example, all the narration has been produced in the Marvel recording studios by a sound-alike Jarvis voice artist (Jarvis is Tony Stark’s loyal teammate in Iron Man).

There’s no doubt this product is innovative – from the concept to the software to the interactive user experience and other advanced features.

“The Marvel Adventure Lab by Face Place is the only instant photo booth in the world that applies a series of filters to transform the original customer photo into a comic style image,” the company declared. “The in-house platform with active subject segmentation isolates the customer photo from the cabinet background and integrates the transformed photo within the selected template perfectly.”

Above all else… it’s a Marvel product created by Apple’s Face Place team. The appeal for Marvel Comics is vast with a huge worldwide audience that reaches all demographics. The top five superhero movies of all-time are all Marvel movies (most of them made in the past two years and grossing billions of dollars each). Those looking to add to the fandom might want to look into putting Marvel Adventure Lab on location. “Maybe it could be the unsung hero of your game room,” Weisberg smiled.

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