Angry Birds Flying Into Gamescom


The most recently unveiled addition to Hologate VR’s third-party game lineup is The Angry Birds Movie 2 – Prank Attack VR, a preview of which can be seen here or at the upcoming Gamescom 2019 event next week (Aug. 20-24) in Cologne, Germany.

The game is billed as “a family-friendly pick-up-and-play” experience featuring the characters from the beloved Angry Birds series.

Hologateteamed with Sony Pictures Virtual Reality and Rovio Entertainment on the game, which acts as a precursor to the events in The Angry Birds Movie 2, which was released nationwide today, Aug. 14. The first Angry Birds movie came out in 2016.

“Up to four players can immerse themselves in a first-person VR world where the only thing standing between hordes of bad piggies and Bird Island is you… And your GIANT SLINGSHOT!” the Hologate creators exclaim.

More information is available at, and