AGS Makes Mini-Golf Install at Caribe Resort


Adventure Golf & Sports (AGS), the Michigan-based mini-golf experts, recently replaced a concrete-built mini-golf course on the rooftop of a parking deck that was severely damaged in 2020 due to Hurricane Sally at Caribe Resort in Orange Beach, Alabama.

“Our team down here prepped the area and it was unknown what was under that existing rooftop course 16 years ago when artificial sod and turf was laid,” explained Caribe Resort general manager Stan Szapiel. “It had a very thin Astroturf-like product that was laid like you would carpet. It was really a dated product when you look at what’s developed in the market these days. So when AGS came to us, they said, ‘Look we now have different panels with different thickness, different padding – we have a completely different product.’”

That product was their Custom Modular System, much lighter in weight than concrete. It also features a proprietary anchoring system that’s safe, secure and even seaworthy – used on mini-golf courses on cruise ships and the like.

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