Maine Bowling Alley Reopens After Mass Shooting


Just-In-Time Recreation in Lewiston has reopened. Six months ago, it was the first site where a gunman began the worst mass shooting in Maine’s history, leaving 18 people dead, including eight at the bowling alley.

The Washington Post reported that owners Justin and Samantha Juray were regular customers of the business before buying it in 2021 to save it from closing. After the catastrophic shooting, they were convinced they’d never open again, but the mourning community came together to help remodel the building and give Just-In-Time another chance.

Their landlord offered a choice for them to walk away from their 10-year lease without penalty and also offered to pay for the remodel before insurance kicked in once they decided to reopen.

BPAA executive director Frank DeSocio also leapt in to help, gifting the business a new scoring system and automatic bumpers and gutters.

Following a pre-opening gathering with shooting survivors, Just-In-Time welcomed back their league bowlers and fully opened back up on May 3.

The location’s games operator Dave Madore was at the opening and shared with RePlay: “A couple thousand people came out [for the grand opening]. The parking lot was full and games were being played. Music was on the jukeboxes going all night till 11 p.m. It was an emotional but great day!”

Mounted on a wall behind the front desk are 18 painted bowling pins, each with the name of a victim of the October attack.

Click here to read the full story in The Washington Post.


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