Zinnie’s Bar Reopens With Pins, Golden Tee


The “Best Little Neighborhood Bar in the Universe” – Zinnie’s – recently reopened in Memphis, Tenn., after receiving an extensive facelift and a few additions.

According to their Facebook page, they reopened on Oct. 30 after being closed since November 2018. Bringing the old building up to code was a challenge for Tony Westmoreland, one of the new owners of “Old Zinnie’s,” which originally opened in 1973.

Some of the changes… there are now 12 beer taps behind the bar instead of four; pinball machines and a Golden Teegame; a new jukebox and ceiling fans; and basically new everything else, too – down to the ice maker and toilets, reports the Memphis Flyer. The planned $15,000 renovation ended up totaling $60K. Time to buy some brews or toss some coins at the micro arcade! Visit them at 1688 Madison Ave.


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