Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! Beatles Return to London


With a little help from our friends at Stern, Ka-Pow, Electrocoin (Stern’s U.K. dealer) and Apple Corps, those Fab Four Beatles pinball machines made their first worldwide public appearance just steps away from where the bandmates lived when they moved to London in 1963. The event was a pop-up shop in the recently refurbished Brunswick Centre, an upscale shopping, dining and entertainment complex in the heart of London. These four games received VIP treatment when they were flown to London to appear as the stars of the show in a gallery environment where the walls were decorated with Beatles related art works, very kindly loaned by Apple Corps.

This very special show was made possible because of Electrocoin supremo John Stergides’ special relationship with Stern and the Brunswick Centre, and also the key role he played in facilitating approval of the game by the licensors at London-based Apple Corps. The event runs until Dec. 12 and everyone is invited to visit and play the games, which are set on free play.

RePlay contributor Gary Flower said that judging by the constant stream of people wandering in on the first day, the event is destined to be well attended. Visitors included contemporaries of the Beatles, overseas visitors, students and casual shoppers. As is the nature of pop-up events like this, it was organized at short notice and so more surprises, such as a competition with prizes of official Beatles merchandise donated by Apple Corp. are in the pipeline.

For more information, check Pictured are Electrocoin’s Gabino Stergides and John Stergides Jr. along with Meryl McArthur of Brunswick Centre.


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